Startup five is a foundation for Bitcoin BLACK and an Advertising and Marketing Agency that specializes in Digital Marketing, Branding, and SEO to help small and medium businesses to grow and get more traffic to their businesses at a very low cost compared to other Advertising and marketing agencies.  You may join our foundation here:  Join Startup Five Foundation

The Startup five foundation is a plan of Bitcoin Black to offer financial rewards and leveraging the bitcoin black global opportunity to deliver outsourced advertising and marketing services to businesses in the third world as well as the first world countries giving both equal opportunities to compete, grow and transform into one global profit community with an amazing cost-saving advantages Startup Five will give up to 70% discounts to businesses who are ready to offer the bitcoin black app to their customer base and accept to use bitcoin black for the exchange of product and services offered to customers. For more details click here our online Flip Book: Startup Five Foundation Guide 

The main objective of startup five is to help grow Bitcoin Black as a global cryptocurrency buy helping small medium and large businesses who are ready to accept Bitcoin black as a medium of payments for products and services massive traffic to their websites and businesses at a very low cost.