Business Consulting

Learn how to develop the right business structure

and attract funding for your venture.

How you structure your business, add partners or how to set up your online business in a corporate, business structure, nonprofit, or home-based business is crucial to business strategies in the success in the future.


We do not offer legal advice we have experienced corporate and marketing attorney's on staff to assist you with that level of expertise. We will help you based on our expert entrepreneurial team of former or present business owners who learned through years of trial and error. We teach how to avoid costly errors and choose partners wisely, corporate structure, funding raising nonprofit or home-based business experts who have earned or raised tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in a corporate nonprofit or home-based business

There are options available to fund your online business structure without using your own capital. This may come in the way of partnerships, seed funding, small business loans, or seeking private stock investors who believe in your online business that could become quite profitable for you and potential investors, who can help you set up funding into your business.  We can help guide you in creating business plans, executive summary, white papers or Private Placement Memorandums registering with the SEC with an exception if necessary at low cost to fund your venture with private investors.  We will share our secrets to success on how we managed to become successful in fundraising to develop an effective yet affordable plan to fund your venture. 

We will think-tank your business or nonprofit venture with our network of experienced entrepreneurs in our weekly Entrepuner Incubator Conference without the worry of another Entrepuner taking your valuable business or non-profit venture. We will formulate a plan of success for your Startup  Venture or refresh your current business into a simple plan of success 

How you set up your business for online in the best methods to incorporate & seek funding