Startup Five Nigeria’s Relationship with Bitcoin Black


Startup Five Nigeria is a wholly owned subsidiary of Startup Five America, whose corporate office is located in Waterford, Michigan, USA. Startup Five Nigeria is an advertising and marketing company that specializes in Digital Marketing, Branding and SEO. The company has partnered with Bitcoin Black (a cryptocurrency entity) to help small and medium businesses in Nigeria to grow and get more traffic to their websites and businesses online at a very low cost compared to other advertising and marketing companies.


Startup Five Nigeria has strategically position itself in the six geo-political zones in Nigeria, which includes: South-South Zone, South East Zone, South West Zone, North Central Zone, North East Zone and North West Zone. Each of these zones shall be operating as an independent branch; and each branch will function under the umbrella of Startup Five Nigeria.


In the course of feasibility studies, Startup Five Nigeria have identified several challenges facing Nigeria’s small and medium enterprises. The following are some of these challenges:

  • Lack of finance in starting and developing business.

  • Poor infrastructures.

  • Inappropriate legislation.

  • Unfair competition.

  • Lack of managerial skills.

  • Corruption and high level of inflation

  • Poor customer service


An independent survey contracted by Startup Five Nigeria indicated that the challenges of the small and medium enterprises in Nigeria were deeper than those listed above. The independent survey shows that a lot of Nigerian small and medium businesses were unable to grow their businesses due to lack of opportunities to participate in the global digital space, aka the internet. It was this single challenges that propel Startup Five to invest its resources to help small and medium enterprises through partnership with Bitcoin Black to position these enterprises for a striving businesses.


Startup Five wealth of expertise will help Nigeria’s small and medium enterprises to market and advertise their goods and services at a very low cost.


It is anticipated that the partnership between Startup Five and Bitcoin Black will booster the overall revenue of the small and medium enterprises who are prepared to offer the Bitcoin Black App to their customer base and accept to use Bitcoin Black for the exchange of product and services offered to customers. Startup Five is prepared to give up 70% discounts to any small and medium enterprises who participated in this program. This strategy is intended to generate significant traffic for businesses as such businesses is capitalizing on the global brand name of Bitcoin Black.