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You can be part of a worldwide marketing & advertising team.


As a Startup Five brand promoting partner you earn weekly, monthly commission earnings, bonuses. Build your team and we will award you a partner program of company stock & dividends as a proven leader.

RJ Suitor, CEO


Startup Five founded in 2019 by a 25-year proven entrepreneur RJ Suitor who shares a passion for small to medium startup businesses. Mr. Suitor is an online marketing expert having developed and built 12 organizations up to 75,000 affiliated partners Startup Five is a USA company with headquarters in Waterford, Michigan USA. RJ Suitor has been a world leader in developing advertising, marketing & cryptocurrency markets worldwide with a proven track record of success. We our expanding our worldwide marketing & advertising to target market to promote & advertise small to medium sized businesses referred to as merchants.  We apply our own proprietary blend of advertising, digital marketing, social networking SEO

technology and online branding that allows small business to compete with big corporation and big box stores ranging from free to ridiculously low affordable pricing small businesses need to ay competitive.  


Startup Five has begun a Five Million Dollar capital raise up expansion of its advertising & marketing companies to six branches of Nigeria which include 36 Nigerian States with a team of talent from web/graphics multimedia teams, copywriters, brand promoters, press release teams, blog writers, managers and administrative teams. These branches are in South-South South East, South West, North East North Central and North West. Startup Five will look to build other branches where we find strengths in our online Partner Affiliate’s. You buy building your base of Affiliate Partners may be awarded a Startup Five Branch office in your world region simply by using our affiliate Partner software to build your Partner Team.


You are enrolling in the most powerful & profitable Affiliate Partner Organization designed by RJ Suitor to be exciting, profitable and rewarding that pays you repeatedly for your success.

You enroll as an Affiliate Partner we allow you to brand promote and to build a team of two levels. You earn commissions of 20% on your own personal promotion of business merchant services. You earn 10% overrides on all your

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first level team of online promotion partners.  Your first level partners duplicate you and you earn 5% on all your second level partners.  When your team achieves 100 *Active Partners we will award you provided you when you maintain 100 Active Affiliates a Partner Level Rank. As Partner we will award you common stock, preferred stock, dividends and profit sharing as a full Startup Five partner for building your team and achieving minimum Performance in your team’s online promotion.



Startup Five has developed online Small to Medium sized daily voucher group-buying deals, PPC and merchant promotion packages. They are designed at promoting business from zero cost extremely low cost as a value that is affordable to small business owners on very tight budgets.  Our proven services allow small business to compete with big brands to give the small business a big footprint on the internet designed to drive traffic to both the business website and their doors with dedicated local customers.

Our system which is backed up with multiple case studies are proven and work. This evolved over 25 years of trial and error of what worked what did not for small businesses to compete on the internet and in the advertising world.


Startup Five CEO RJ Suitor is an authority in Cryptocurrency & the emergence of block chain technology worldwide. As a leader in Bitcoin. Black Mr. Suitor and his Startup Five partner team have built the fastest growing organization out of 1.1 million members in Bitcoin. Black who is second only to Bitcoin in size of distribution network.


As an Affiliate Partner you can share in Cryptocurrency rewards with a share in Startup Five amassed cryptocurrency coin stake.  


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Join Now 3600 BCB Coins Free When you join Startup Five promotion team and our Startup Five Bitcoin. Black Foundation you will be included in our over 200,000,000-coin distribution share as a Startup Five Partner. All is needed is you enroll here as a Bitcoin. Black Member  


Join Our Foundation When you enroll as a free member of our Bitcoin. Black member network and join our foundation, develop your affiliate Partner Network you will earn your share in our coin distribution plus a chance to share in 1.4 Billion More Coins as part of our Foundation Network.