Do you know that the right sales and marketing strategy is paramount for any startup that seeks to last long and be great? It's the first step to success and cannot be skipped. Many startups have died prematurely because they failed to adapt to the times. It's no longer enough to be offline, and brand death is usually what happens when you stay indifferent about moving your business online.

Don't be the angry, depressed fellow who blames staffs and tools for low or zero sales. Stay intentional about your growth. Failure to do this means you and your business will ultimately hit rock bottom. Being visible in the modern age is the first step to hitting astronomical figures for your business. What would an 8-figure or 9-figure year mean for you and your staff?

For every 1 dollar you spend on advertising, you stand a chance to make more. Imagine if you could make 12 times the amount on every dollar you spent, would you still dedicate a meagre budget to your ad spend? No, right?

Sadly, this is what many startups do. They spend little on advertising and expect huge returns. Brands like Coca-Cola and other big giants dedicate huge funds to advertising? Why aren't you?

Start Up Five to the rescue. Let us help you get more visibility, land more calls, get more leads, and help you skyrocket sales.

Start Up Five is an advertising company based in the United States of America, headed by RJ Suitor. We have been around for a while. Having run successful ad campaigns for thousands of businesses, we have all it takes to take your brand objectives and hit green on all fronts. We have a broad range of portfolios, and one of the largest investors we currently have on a retainer is the PROJECT SHIFT THE WEALTH.

Over 55% of the world uses social media. To put it in perspective, that's 4.33 Billion people being socially connected. Yet, many businesses are languishing in the trenches when they can enjoy the best of the market share.

Don't be that business. Choose Start Up Five today and get more visibility that will ultimately land you more sales.

The objective of any business should be to get visibility. However, it is not that simple. You'd need to niche down where necessary, prospect the right audience after thorough research, and get leads. After getting the right leads, you'd have to take them through the five awareness levels, by taking them from the least aware phase to the fully aware phase. Then you nurture them with copy and creatives in the form of sales letters or emails. All these will help you get roof-shattering conversions.

This is what we are good at. At Start Up Five, we help you get leads, nurture them and get you conversions that are steady and auto-repeat. We are a 360 degrees marketing and advertising agency with a team of seasoned specialists consisting of: Writers, Web Designers, SEO specialists, Ad copywriters, Graphic Designers, creative directors, project managers, product managers, and all other necessary agency personnel.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let Start Up Five help you drive sales and get more brand visibility using the power of the web today.